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Green Factory Concept

The green factory is the factory with the commitment to operate environmentally in order to obtain sustainable development. The factory focuses on continuous improvement and responsibility towards society and the environment for both inside/outside the organization and the conservation of energy in the production process, resource utilization efficiency using the 3Rs and clean technology, productivity improvement ( Green Productivity ),product design concerning environment ( Eco Design-Eco Product ),the study and analysis of the product life cycle , pollution reduction and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
The green factory achievements in 5 steps as follows.
  1. Green Commitment  : is an open statement committed to reduce environmental impacts and communicate within the organization accordingly.
  2. Green Activity  : is an operation to carry out activities to reduce the environmental impacts as indicated in the Green Commitment.
  3. Green System  : is an environment management system to monitor , evaluate and review for continuous improvement.
  4. Green Culture  : is the situation that everyone in the organization cooperates for eco-friendly matters in all aspects of the operations so as to become parts of corporate culture.
  5. Green Network  : is a demonstration of the extended green supply chain network, by encouraging suppliers and partners into the process of the green industry as well.
 Benefits of green factory development.
  1. Obtain positive image and attitude towards the environmental friendly industry. Better understanding and acceptance between industry and the surrounding communities will be obtained.
  2. Surrounding communities will be treated fairy with more chances of having a better life from the economic and social development.
  3. Create jobs and employment opportunities in environment conservation. Employee are hired fairly and the works will be done in a safe and happy working environment.
  4. Reduce the use of resources , energy and operating costs so there will be more opportunities to compete.
  5. Market opportunities increase due to the strategy focusing on “ green ” Products and processes.
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